Terms and Condition

The dropshipper (“User”) must agree to these Terms and Conditions if you are using sadadropship.com . By accessing and using the Website, you acknowledge and agree to comply with the following terms:

1. Returns

1.1. When an order’s status changes to “return,” a deduction of 300 PKR will be made from your account instantly.

2. Change of Product

2.1. In the event that your customer requests permission to open a parcel and subsequently changes the product, resulting in a return, the entire product amount will be deducted.

3. Security Fee

3.1. Upon order return, the deducted amount will be subtracted from your unpaid earnings. If returns occur frequently, the system will deduct the amount from your security fee. If the security fee falls below 300 PKR, you will be unable to create new orders due to return risk. To restore a positive balance, please contact us.

Our users will need to add 1000 pkr to their account after placing few orders, this fund will show in your account as security fee. Note: this fund is only to prevent fake orders and cover return and fully refundable.

4. Account Termination

4.1. We reserve the right to terminate your account if we discover any fraudulent activity, including ordering different products than what you are receiving. In such cases, profit will not be issued.

5. Allow to Open

5.1. If your customer opens a parcel and subsequently returns it, we reserve the right to send the same product to another customer if the product is in good condition and in demand. Please note that some couriers, such as TCS and Leopard, do not allow the “allow to open” option.

6. Courier Selection

6.1. If you select a courier, we will assess whether the chosen courier can deliver to the specified address. If not, we will change the courier based on the address to minimize the risk of returns.

7. Payout

7.1. You can initiate a withdrawal when your account balance reaches a minimum of 2000 PKR. The withdrawal option will appear once this limit is met. Please be aware that we may review your account’s behavior and address any complaints before processing the withdrawal.

8. Payout Processing

8.1. Payout requests may take 3-5 business days to process. Our team will transfer the amount to your account and share a screenshot via WhatsApp as confirmation. we release payout on friday and saturday every week if you want to get the payout on friday and saturday please request before friday to avoid any delay in payment.

9. Account Suspension

9.1. Sadadropship.com reserves the right to suspend your account without any prior warning if we detect any suspicious or unauthorized activity associated with your account. This includes, but is not limited to, fraudulent orders, unauthorized access, or any behavior that violates these Terms and Conditions.

By using Sadadropship.com, you acknowledge and accept the possibility of your account being suspended if any suspicious activity is identified. We take such actions to maintain the integrity and security of our platform.

Please make sure to review these terms regularly, as they may be subject to updates or modifications. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms, please contact us.

9.1 Account closing

If a customer wants to close their account, the time duration for closing will be 1-2 weeks. The amount in the account will be released, and a 400 PKR closing charges will be deducted from the balance. After closing, the customer won’t be able to use Sadadropship services in the future, and the account will be permanently deleted

10. Replacement

we only replace the product above 1000 price. please note that this can only be done when the product is not working.

Note: Your customer will need to record the video infront of the courier to show that the product is not working if the order is allowed to open.


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