Pro-Clackers Ball With Lights Fidget Clack Balls On String Shake Impact Ball Tek-Tek Latto Toy Clacker Ball Toys for Kids and Adults
1. Sensory Stimulation: Both pro-clackers Ball and clack Ball provide visual and auditory stimulation through their unique designs and sounds, making them a great tool for stress relief and sensory play.
2. Versatile: Pro-clackers ball and clack balls can be used in various settings, including at home, in the office, or outdoors for activities such as exercise or team play.
3. Interactive Play: These noise maker novelty toys encourage interactive play, whether it’s bouncing Popper Balls off walls or hitting and kicking Clack Balls with friends, providing a fun way to socialize and bond.
4. Easy-to-Use: Fidget clack balls are easy to use and require no extra equipment or setup, allowing for instant and effortless entertainment.
5. Durable: Made of high-quality materials, these clack balls are built to withstand frequent use and last a long time, making them a great investment for those looking for long-term entertainment options.

Product Name: New Pro-Clackers Ball, Popper Ball, Clack Ball, Shaker Ball
Color: Randomly shipped
Model Number: Luminous Toys
Size: 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm/1.2in, 1.4in, 1.6in, 1.8in(optional)
Material: Plastic
Accessories: 1 x Shaker Ball
Packaging: 1 piece per package
Certification: NONE
Origin: Mainland China
Recommend Age: 3+y
Gender: Unisex

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