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Partner with us & earn cash It's completely easy and totally free.

Become a Sadadropship affiliate and start earning cash effortlessly. It's quick and absolutely free to join

Promote legit fulfillment website . Get legit $$$ Nothing to lose.

Partnering with Sadadropship is a win-win: we get more business while you boost your earnings Partner with us and enjoy a competitive, performance-based pay structure. Earn at least 30 per order, maxing out at 50 per order. Our average drop shipper places 30 orders/day. it means you will get up to 900 to 1000/Day straight for one month 1000×30= 30000/month from one referral.

  • FREE
  • EASY

Step 1: Sign up

It’s easy and totally free.

Step 2: Use link to promote

Use your custom affiliate link to promote our website on your social media plateform

Step 3: Pay day, baby

When first order purchase is made you will get comissioin on each order.

Cookies expire in 45 days

Cookies are saved for 45 days. Your customer needs to register within 45 days of their first visit using your customer affiliate link

Referral Power Play Starts Now

Once your referral registers, you can earn a commission on each order they place for the next 30 days

Effortless Daily Earnings

Once your referral places their first order, you’ll automatically earn a commission on each order they make for the next 30 consecutive days. This translates to a potential earning of up to PKR 1,000 per day and PKR 30,000 per month.

Got questions? Well, we've got answers


TikTok , youtuber and social media influencers are welcome.

You will get commission on each order when your referral registers in 45 days after you refer them using your link and place order in 30 days after registering. you will get commission on each order for straight 30 days if these requirement met.  

earning is not limited it’s up to, if you refer drop shipper to us and he completes the process and start order placing 50 orders daily. you will get 1500-2000 Daily and you will get this commission¬† till 30 days for each drop shipper you refer.

we track referral via both links and affiliate code. you can use one of them to promote our website.

Affiliate earning will be paid 2 times a month you can withdraw the earning anytime from your dashboard.

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